I'm Rahel aka radunkel (warning pun romance). I'm an illustrator, animator, problem solver, creator of  #fluffymonsterswithbarefeet and live in a meal called Essen. I prefer to deal with topics from society, sustainability, selfcare, fairy tales and children's stories. Besides, I'm always looking for the best solution for the next project and try to include a little pinch of humor if possible. Last year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to illustrate my first two children's books. One of them will be published this year 2021. Stay tuned!
I was born in Bergisches Land in 1993 and spent the time until I graduated from high school in this hilly landscape until i ended up in the very green part of the Ruhrgebiet after my training as a design assistant. Since I graduated from the Folkwang University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications design (2018), I have never left the Ruhrgebiet.

Kunden. Stadt Essen, IKARUS Sing- und Musikschule München, Wieschemeyer und Partner MbB Steuerberater, I am Love, Café LIVRES, 360° Journal, akduell, Betrayers of Babylon, Nicklas John, Morgan Jass, Amber Green, Jan Alexander Trio, WeihnachtsKlub Süd 

2019 -1. Platz Künstlerkunstpreis - 8. Revierkunst 
2021- Illustratorenfestival - Cologne
2020 - Kunst auf der Kuhwiese - Raderbroich
2019 - Revierkunst - Herten
2018 - Folkwang Finale - SAANA Gebäude Essen
2016 - 2018 - Café LIVRES - Essen
2015 - Café Liesgen - Krefeld
2014 - Amtsgericht - Wermelskirchen
2013 -  Stadtcafé - Wermelskirchen
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