I'm Rahel aka radunkel (warning pun romance). I'm an illustrator, animator, problem solver, creator of  #fluffymonsterswithbarefeet and live in a meal called Essen. I prefer to deal with topics from society, sustainability, selfcare, fairy tales and children's stories. Besides, I'm always looking for the best solution for the next project and try to include a little pinch of humor if possible. Last year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to illustrate my first two children's books. One of them will be published this year 2021. Stay tuned!
Member of the Illustratoren Organisation e.V.
I was born in Bergisches Land in 1993 and spent the time until I graduated from high school in this hilly landscape until i ended up in the very green part of the Ruhrgebiet after my training as a design assistant. Since I graduated from the Folkwang University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications design (2018), I have never left the Ruhrgebiet.

Kunden. Stadt Essen, IKARUS Sing- und Musikschule München, Wieschemeyer und Partner MbB Steuerberater, I am Love, Café LIVRES, 360° Journal, akduell, Betrayers of Babylon, Nicklas John, Morgan Jass, Amber Green, Jan Alexander Trio, WeihnachtsKlub Süd 

2019 -1. Platz Künstlerkunstpreis - 8. Revierkunst 
2021- Illustratorenfestival - Cologne
2020 - Kunst auf der Kuhwiese - Raderbroich
2019 - Revierkunst - Herten
2018 Folkwang Finale - SAANA Gebäude Essen
2016 - 2018 - Café LIVRES - Essen
2015 - Café Liesgen - Krefeld
2014 - Amtsgericht - Wermelskirchen
2013 -  Stadtcafé - Wermelskirchen
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