Hello, my name ist Rahel and I work under my artist name Radunkel as a freelance illustrator in Essen and Berlin.
I am passionate about strong characters with the power of unique lines and a matched color palette. My work is characterized by expressive figures. I try to empower myself and others through my art and make them to feel good.
I love to work for and with people who want to make the world funnier, fairer and better.

My clients are magazines, agencies, publishing houses, cultural and educational institutions and companies.
let's work together
Museum Dortmunder U ,Calida, Brand Eins, Carlsen Verlag, ALDI Nord, Adobe, Urban Outfitters, Schauspiel Dormund, Schauspiel Essen, GrünBlauGrau, Reinorange, Stapeltor, Resonanzraum, Stadt Essen, IamLove​​​​​​​

Strobo Ruhr - Interview Portrait
Aldi Original - Art-Collection
Solingen Magazin
Interview mit Adobe Live
Interview mit Sieben auf einen Strich

2024 - Grünblaugrau - Köln
2023 - Gläsernewerkstatt - Solingen
2023 - ILLU23 - Illustratorenfestival - Köln
2022 - Resonanzraum - Solingen
2022 - Hey Du - Pop Up Store - Hamburg
2022 - NRW-Forum Düsseldorf
2021 - 2022 Café LIVRES - Essen
2019 - Revierkunst - Herten
2018 - Folkwang Finale - SANAA Essen

2019 - 1. Platz Künstlerkunstpreis - 8. Revierkunst